The importance of having plans vs. goals

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What are you doing???

December 12th, 2011 | By admin

DoSomething black on white3 What are you doing???

There’s the Word of God and there are the principles behind the Word of God. Many master memorizing scriptures but few master the application of scripture from memory. We know that the bible says in James 1:22, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” Unfortunately we as believers do not realize that by not doing the action part we haven’t grasped the scripture. We have so many people in the church that can quote scriptures, say scriptures and memorize large amounts of scriptures. These things are very important and we must continue to do them but honestly its not beneficial unless we make deliberate application mirrored into a principled lifestyle. Jesus said in Luke 8:21 he only considers his family as the ones who do what the Word says He replied, “My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.”

One of my favorite scriptures is in James 2:17 and it says: In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. Meaning that Faith without the corresponding action is not faith at all. Lets look at some examples of corresponding action that Jesus encouraged when healing the sick. With the officials dying son Jesus said go home your son is alive and well, the official applied action by going home to find his son healed. (John 4:43-54) The woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus garment. (Matthew 9:18-26) Jesus told the man at the pool of Bethesda get up, pick up your mat and walk. (John 5:1-15). He told the man with the shriveled hand stretch out your hand. (Matthew 12:9-14) I’m sure you get the picture we could go on and on about having corresponding action and being a doer. I’d rather know 2 scriptures and apply them to my life than know 100 scriptures with no application. So examine your life if you are believing God for a mate apply corresponding action, if you have an idea water it with action, if you’re believing God for healing show him action that you believe. After all Hebrews 11:6 says it is impossible to please God without faith and, faith without works is dead. So I encourage you to start putting in corresponding action for what you believe and make the principles a part of your lifestyle. So what are you doing???


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The new single Kingdom Business is gonna be blazing your radio stations, podcasts, and ipods. “Kingdom Business” is the log awaited single form the up coming album, “The Main Event” expected to come out this summer. This album has artist such as V.Rose, J.Lane, Believa and more. It also features production from Spec, Kenny, Lou , and more. Stay Tuned!!! Hear the new single here.



Antonio Marquet Smith (aka Mission) was born August 30th, 1989 in Greenville, MS. He is the youngest out of 3 children. He moved to Sacramento, California when he was 9 years old. Unfortunately, he continued to go back and forth until he was 16 years old. Every since a child he had an ear for music, along with a strong passion for it. He started writing and making music when he was 15 years old. At that time he was making secular rap music, in a group that was going nowhere. Then one day, God spoke to him, told him that he was working against His Kingdom, doing the music that he was doing. That was the very day he started making Gospel music and turned his life (all the way) over to God. Calvary Christian Center is the church he gave his life to Christ, and also where he met his wife Shawnay, who now have 2 beautiful children together, (Ahmarahzhanee’ & Antonio Jr.). Mission currently attends Calvary, and also happens to be a youth leader there.

Eventually, he met Michael Miller (aka Believa) who believed in the passion and dream that he had for music. He was signed to the label and now an artist of Gospel Mission Records.

Mission says “remember to put God first, and nothing is impossible”!!

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Its Pruning Season

April 13th, 2011 | By DJ Prophetic

” I am the vine and my Father is the Gardner. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful”
John 15:2

pruning 300x300 Its Pruning Season

In order for a tree to grow to its full potential it needs to be pruned. We are like trees and need to be pruned as well. We may not have physical branches but we have spiritual branches that need to be cut off such as friends, habits, relationships and any other thing that hinders our growth in God. If you find this offensive, you might want to talk to God because He said it not me. Id rather have the whole world pissed off at me rather than displeasing God. My mom always says, “if you try to please EVERYONE you will end up pleasing NO ONE! Its pruning season!

-DJ Prophetic-


April 10th, 2011 | By DJ Prophetic

Check out the latest mixtape track from Gospel Mission Records, Christian Rap Artist- Mission! This is a vivid picture video describing the Christ like lyrics that Mission speaks through his songs. Mission has a debut album coming out called “THE MAIN EVENT” Coming out in July. The album features, production from Spec, Lou, Kenny, and more… The album features artist such as J.Lane, Believa, Clay, V.Rose, and more…….. To hear the new single please click here

Here is the picture video for the track To Learn – By Mission

Reflections on my trip to Ghana

January 1st, 2011 | By admin

Ghana 218x300 Reflections on my trip to Ghana

I recently went to my homeland Ghana,Africa for 2 and 1/2 weeks. I learned a great deal and I felt it was imperative i share it so that I document this awesome voyage for my memories and also for you the reader that something you may hear in this note may change your life for the rest of your life. This trip was my 6th time to Ghana and everytime me and my family go its an incredible expierence full of insight, perspective, and revelation. Actually me and my younger brother Nick have dubbed our trips abroad “spiritual journeys” and no longer vacations. The reason being is that everytime we go we are illuminated and enlightened through the whole duration of the trip. On this spiritual journey perspective was added to my Knowledge of God, my life,marriage, my gifts, my purpose,my heritage, my family,my destiny, my relationships, my culture, the Word, faith, my desires,dreams, and goals.

First off all, i want to make a disclaimer that when reading this don’t start and then stop, read it the whole way through and you will get the full impact. As you read this open your spiritual eyes to hear what is being said do not view this with a religious mindset it will not make sense. First of all what i have realized about God is that no matter how much one knows about God we still will never fully comprehend Him and all His ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His ways are higher than our ways we will never know completely how God works. He takes what is illogical in our eyes and makes it logical. He can do anything and everything. It makes no sense for us to try to figure out Gods ways or how He works we just need to learn to trust because God cannot be confined to the systems of mind nor the intellect of men. If you trust you dont have to figure anything out.

The presence and move of God is more evident in Ghana, Africa than it is here in America. Not because God loves Africa more but the mere fact they need Him more. In America we need God but in Africa they desperately need God and desire Him intensely. In America there are certain things we all dont have to pray for consistently such as water, shelter, food, etc. Even if your poor in America there are programs, government aid, foodstamps, medicare, assisted living,homeless shelter affordable housing, and more to help you if you are without basic necessities. In places of Ghana there is no such program or aid to help you, the only form of help you will receive is from the hand of God himself. Dont get me wrong Ghana is a very developed country and just like there is extreme poverty there is extreme wealth but the nation as a whole embraces God. So when you don;t have these basic needs you have to have results God has to answer your prayer or it can mean death. When your in a state of dependency God is all you have so you cant rely in yourself, your gifts, your money, your science, your theology, your education and so on, you can  only rely on the living God. My friend was just telling me a pastor he knows went to Africa and asked God why is the worship of God so deep and the love for God so much more intense than churches in America. So God told the pastor its because of the level of suffering they go through in Africa that draws them nearer to me.

In Ghana people serve God or they serve the Devil, there’s no in between in Ghana its one way. There’s no bordering the fence people give there whole heart & allegiance to one or the other. In Ghana the Devil is not this fictional character we see in America with horns and a pitch fork. The devil is real! His presence is not questioned voodoo, juju, witchcraft and all sorts are openly practiced in most parts of Africa. Like i said people serve one or the other with their whole heart. So if you don’t serve God in Africa you could be exposing yourself and leaving yourself unprotected from voodoo or witchcraft to be performed on you. People die, get robbed, go mentally insane, lose their health and all the sorts from voodoo. In Ghana they look at you like an idiot if you don’t believe in God. Athiesm & Agnosticism is virtually nonexistent in Ghana. Belief in God is not just a club, religion, or social group its a matter of life and death. Children in Africa have God in their hearts from their foundations. Jesus is the way truth and life and no man can come to the Father except through Him. In America we got rid of prayer in our schools and that was a earthquake in our spiritual foundations destroying the epicenter of our nation. This nation was founded on God but now this nation is trying to reject the founder. Don’t worry America we will come back to God and we will be restored. This political correctness thing we see everywhere is nonexistent in Ghana. In America i get in trouble for praying or even mentioning Jesus on my job. In Ghana there are public buses with “Jesus loves you” or A bible verse or some other christian catch phrase on it. These phrases are on taxis, cars, peoples businesses, common marketplaces, and everywhere around town.

God is involved in all they do and God is dedicated in every facet of their lives. How come its not like this in America? Its because we lost sight of how we got to where we are as a nation. The same blessing that America has is the same thing that has cursed us because we have chased after the blessing instead of the blessser, the rewards instead of the rewarder. Its just like a double edge knife its great for cutting that apple but then the safe knife you used can be used to stab you. Sometimes in America we act as if we dont need God by thinking we can do it on our own and all we want is self help but the truth is We have allowed our blessing to become a curse. I’m not excluding myself i am a Ghanaian American and have seen the best & worse of both worlds. What does that mean for us do we get mad at ourselves for being blessed, NO! Instead of depending in self we must completely depend on God for everything. One may ask how do i do that you start with little things like God can you show me what to wear, which turn to take, which meal to order, because He cares about every little minute detail of our lives.

One thing we must realize is that no ones perfect,no one prays, no ones righteous, no one is wise, and no one does good because we are sinners UNTIL we accept JESUS and HIS righteousness (right standing with God) because our righteousness is filthy rags to God without Jesus. Someone had to pay the price of sin and He did and we must not think for one second that we did anything to earn it or deserve it. We were supposed to enter the Jail cell of Hell for our crime but our God the judge said I’m going to put my son to pay your bail and then take your position in that Jail cell so you can be free. Wow thats what Jesus did for you and I. When we understand this we will live differently its our reasonable service to go to church, its are reasonable service to pray, its our reasonable service to do what you say in your word. Instead we feel like God doesn’t want me to have a life God doesn’t want me to have fun which is false because His commands are for our benefit and our protection. Serving Him is  the absolutely least we can do, and dont get me wrong I know its not easy but its worth it.

Another revelation I realized from going to Ghana is that I had a worldview of marriage not Gods view. Marriage is not just the thing to do after you get a degree, a job, and then a house. Marriage has become a status instead of its true purpose. Marriage points back to Our Father God and the son Jesus and how the 2 were 1 united for one purpose not 2 different individuals. Jesus came to glorify the Father and the Father glorified Jesus. Everything Jesus did was married into Gods agenda. Marriage is supposed to exemplify how the Father and Jesus are 1. So that a husband and wife can become 1 and when people see that marriage that oneness and agreement should point back to the Father & Jesus. All around the world marriage has been for selfish reasons i myself am included in that becausse I also thought it is “the thing to do.” Jesus had to work hard to be in Agreement with the Father while on this earth and the devil did everything He could to stop His unison with the Father. That explains why the devil attacks marriages so hard he wants to break the unity between the 2 so you wont glorify God with your marriage. People often recognize a change in the relationship when it leaves from the level of courtship into marriage and that is because marriage glorifies God so the devil does his best to distort it. The devil does the counterfeit opposite of God in all cases. God created husband + wife, the Devil is inspiring man + man, and woman + woman marriages which are totally incorrect.(This topic alone would be a whole another note) Marriage should bring God glory because it shows how two different people with different backgrounds, ideas, personalities, traits, and gifts can actually merge into agreement to become one functional team as opposed to two people coming together to meet their own selfish needs.

Everything points back to God creation, destruction, marriage, child birth, etc.  Its amazing how the sun and the moon are equidistant to the earth. If the sun was one inch closer we would burn, one inch further we would freeze. The sun and the moon shine all over the world nobody is excluded. The exact amount of oxygen & carbon dioxide is put on earth so that we can all breathe & exhale freely. How does the water on the beach know when to stop exactly and come back? How does another human come out of another human? How does the earth spin on nothing? Out of all the planets how come we are the only known ones with animal,plants, and human life. How do you explain the complexties of our brains? Why is the universe in so much order and have laws such as the law of gravity? How do you explain DNA structure and behavior? How come we can believe we are able to create things with our creative power, but we can believe that we were not created but appeared here on earth??? God has surrounded us with evidence of His existence because He wants us to know He is there.

GHANATRIP Reflections on my trip to Ghana

Mr. Timothy “Bliss” Jones

November 28th, 2010 | By admin

banner3 Mr. Timothy “Bliss” Jones

bliss Mr. Timothy “Bliss” JonesI read a press article from one of my actual mentors in the media industry. My mentors name is Mr. Timothy “Bliss” Jones. He is definitely a strong force in the Christian media/business arena with over 15 successful websites and counting. For example he has,,,, and much more. In the article Mr. Jones discusses the ever increasing trends that the Hip Hop Gospel is alluring. Hip Hop Gospel is the fusion of 2 unseemly genres merging together to promote Christ through music. This genre is even getting the attention of billionaire Donald Trump who personally picked “Rawservant” a Hip Hop Gospel rapper to be on his show “Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger.”Bliss explains in the article that this will attract others that have money to notice the genre like Oprah Winfrey. Also Hip Hop Gospel artist like Trip Lee continue to get airplay on secular shows as BET’s 106 & park. This is yet another accomplishment in urban Christian media. Lets get it!

Article referenced from

Unashamed 2010: The Movement

November 28th, 2010 | By admin

I recently went to the Unashamed Tour and it was a phenominal site to see. The show featured Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashi,Sho Barraca, DJ Official, and Pro. According to the Christian News Wire this tour was expanded to over 20 cities throughout the United States and plays to tour the United Kingdom in 2011. A group of us from House of Slap Radio (an urban Christian Hip Hop Radio station) attended this event to find the church building filled to capacity. The show was electrifying and lasted from around 7pm to 12am of nonstop display of rapping, drumming, ministering, djaying, and dancing. I thought to myself the planning for this event must be intense because there needed to be someone to cue these videos which went along with the performances. In addition there had to be cues for the lighting and audio. The planning for this process must have included drawn out detail as well as strenuous preparation. The execution of this event was absolutely amazing! The only glitch that happened was the sound went out when Lecrae was ministering his song called the “Background” but because he is very experienced in this he kept going and it looked like it was part of the song because he never stopped rapping. The video, audio, & lighting cues were all timed exceptionally well and they kept a high level of professional showmanship. Everyone I talked to after the event was well pleased with the event and actually some people said that they received way more than they paid for, which is due to the fact the show lasted around 5 hours. This performance which i like to call ministry was well put together with proper planning, execution, and a satisfied audience. This concert gets 5 out of 5 stars from me and once again this is another advancement for Urban Christian Media! Please check out the photos of some of the team from House of Slap Radio(Download free podcast at or download on itunes podcast section):

HOSR+LOGO Unashamed 2010: The Movement
HOSR+TEAM Unashamed 2010: The MovementWORDSMITH%2521 Unashamed 2010: The MovementHOSR+UNASHAMED+TOUR Unashamed 2010: The MovementHOSR+WIT+ANOINTED Unashamed 2010: The Movement


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